Your first drive

Before heading out to the first on-track outing with your new Stohr WF1, complete the on-track preparation checklist at your shop. There are a few things to highlight with your first outing with the car:


Verify Gauges

Verify that all system measurements are working:

    1. Oil Pressure
    2. Water Temperature
    3. Oil Temperature
    4. Fuel Pressure


Set the brake bias

Refine the bias setting you set during pre-drive preparation. Turn the knob on the dash to move brake bias forward and back, as marked.


Bed the brakes

Your car probably has Polymatrix A brake pads. Other common replacements are Hawk Blue, and Performance Friction 01’s.  These pads are carbon metallic, and do require a brief bed to the rotors to achieve maximum stopping power.

Gently apply the brakes 6-8 times at medium speed.   Increase speed to simulate race conditions, and brake hard another 6-8 times. 

Thereafter, let the brakes cool for about 15 minutes, and do not apply the brakes during this time, to avoid any ‘hot spots’.


After your first drive

After your first drive, there are a few things to double-check, beyond any initial problems you may have had:


Re-Bleed Brakes

Bleed your brakes once again, now that they’ve been nice and hot.


Re-Check Nuts & Bolts

Check all critical bolts again after your first day, such as the engine mounts, suspension pickups (especially rear lower outboard spherical bolt), steering linkage, sprocket bolts, CV-Joint housings, and stub axles. Things will usually stay tight after this initial run-in.


Exhaust Header

Especially check the nuts + bolts on the exhaust header. Also examine any wiring harnesses nearby to ensure they are not being overexposed to exhaust heat.   Relocate them if so, or wrap them with heat shield tubing such as ThermoFlex ( if necessary.


Water Level

Make sure the water level is still roughly 1-2” from the top of the swirl pot now that the engine has been run hot.

NOTE: Only do this after the engine has cooled!

Updated on 05 Jun 2024