Maintenance schedule

See also Timed life components for part replacement schedules.


Engine Oil

Engine oil should be changed after approximately six hours of use.  Change filters every time you change oil.  Many owners change the oil after every double race weekend.


Drive Chain

Replace the chain every season or 1000 miles of use.  Quality problems with modern chains like the Stohr-recommended DID 530ZVM are rare, so once a season is typically sufficient assuming it is being adjusted and maintained appropriately.


Fuel Filter

Check this and replace or clean regularly, perhaps 2-3 times per season.  Clogged injectors are a common cause of engines running poorly.  A good an inexpensive choice is the Stohr factory filter.  If you use that, you should never have any issues.  As part of winter maintenance, while it’s a sucky job, make sure the sock on the fuel pump inlet is still attached and clean.


Rod Ends

Check them for looseness. The spherical bearings in the lower rear control arms tend to wear out, as does the front rod end on the lower rear control arm’s inner attachment. Spherical bearings and rod ends should be replaced every season or 1000 miles of use.


Wheel Bearings  / Hubs

Latest-spec hubs and bearings should not need replacement outside of their timed life replacement schedule unless they are damaged.  Older cars with gold uprights and “+” shaped hubs may want to upgrade to newer pieces – call Stohr for details.


CV Joints & Axles

Standard CV joints and axles do normally do not need replacement outside of their timed life replacement schedule .  Re-grease the CV’s once a year with Redline CV grease, or send to Taylor ( for rebuilding.  The Taylor lightweight “tripod” axles need very frequent replacement & checking.  There is a second generation Taylor tripod that may last longer between replacement.


Control arms

Inspect regularly for cracks as part of your nut-and bolt process.  Pay particular attention for cracks where the pushrod mounts attach to the control arm at the rear. The rear lower control arms should be replaced every three seasons or 5,000 miles, while all other control arms should be replaced every five seasons or 10,000 miles.


Steering Shaft U-Joint

On cars with a lot of hours, it is not unusual for the u-joint of the steering shaft to wear out, resulting in a few degrees of free play in the steering.  Steering shaft assemblies in this condition should be replaced in their entirety. Otherwise we recommend replacing the steering assembly every three years or 5,000 miles.


Brake Pads

Brake rotors last for two years or 2,500 track miles. Brake pads last less than a season, and should be checked regularly and replaced on the manufacturer's recommended interval or wear depth.

Updated on 05 Jun 2024