Never assume the bias is correct as delivered.  Anyone may have been playing with the cockpit adjustment knob.  Jack the car up and have an assistant hold down the brake pedal until you can just barely rotate a front tire.  Go to a rear tire and rotate it.  The effort should be a little less than the front tire. 

Further adjustment can be made to suit individual circuits and tire configurations.  Adjust bias to the rear in wet conditions.



The car comes fitted with Wilwood brake pads.  To bed in the brakes and achieve maximum stopping power, a film of material must be transferred to the rotors.

Gently apply brakes 6 to 8 times at medium speed.  Increase speed to simulate race conditions, and apply brakes hard 6 to 8 times.

Allow brakes to cool for 15 minutes.  Do not apply brakes while stationary during cooling down period. The car is now ready to race.



Bleeding is done normally, except the rear calipers may be rotated to get the bleed nipples in a more upright position.  Remove one caliper bolt, loosen the other slightly.  Rotate the caliper up as far as it will go.  The pads will still contact the rotor and will not come out during bleeding.

Updated on 11 Apr 2024