Fluids and consumables


Engine Oil

You should use an oil formulated to work with the integral gearbox and clutch, as well as the engine.  Most Motorcycle oils are formulated with this in mind.  We have had excellent luck with AMSOIL AMF 10W-40, Mobil 1 MX4T, and Redline oils. When in doubt, consult your engine builder.


Oil Filters

We have seen best results with OEM oil filters.  Suzuki, Yamaha, etc.  For engines high high flow oil pumps, or overdriven oil pumps, the K&N filters that have a hex fitting on top are a good idea, since they provide the ability to really tighten down the filter.   Some people have experienced engine failures and fires from the o-ring on the oil filter bursting, and lots of torque helps prevent this.


Chain Lubricant/Wax

Bel-Ray chain Lube. NEVER use WD-40 or other penetrating oil on your chain!


Drive Chains

We recommend and stock the DID 530ZVMX chain.


Brake Fluid

ATE Blue, Motul 600 or 660, AP600, or Wilwood EXP 600 Plus.  Some have found that the expensive Castrol SRF is the only way to prevent all brake fade.


Spark Plugs

Most recent (1999 and newer) motorcycle engines use NGK CR9E spark plugs, with .030 gap.  Check with your engine builder or the motorcycle owners’ manual to be sure.  You should not need to replace these normally.



Softened water plus a penetrant / surface tension reducing agent such as Water Wetter. Do not use distilled water in your engine cooling systems.

Levels should be checked at the header tank, 1-2" below the cap.

Updated on 11 Apr 2024