Table of Contents

  1. Corner weights

Corner weights

For maximum performance, the WF1 should have the corner weights accurately set with the driver in car. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Position the car on a flat, horizontal surface.
  2. Equalize all tire pressures to hot setting 20psi.
  3. Take all readings with driver in car, or equivalent weight in the seat.
  4. Disconnect anti-roll bar and adjust shocks to full soft.
  5. Set ride height front & rear, then camber front & rear and finally toe-in front & rear.
  6. Put car on weight scales, and set corner weights by adjusting pushrod nuts.  A typical reading without a driver will be:
    • Front 160 lbs
    • Rear 230 lbs
    • Don’t worry if the RF/LF and RR/LR are not equal, get them within 5-10lbs
  7. Tape the spring platforms so they don’t move.
  8. Reset shocks and reduce tire pressures.
  9. You are now ready to go.

Updated on 11 Apr 2024